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Question: Can I copy ideas from the sample paper?
Absolutely not! Not even one. When discussing the ideas of another author in your own paper, you MUST cite that author properly as one source. To avoid plagiarism and possible academic censure, it is imperative that our writer be listed in your own report as one bibliographic reference. You can find our author's name & date of creation on the first page of almost any paper we sell. The publisher information is: The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc., Hainesport, NJ. Students who are not sure whether our reports will constitute acceptable sources for their own paper should consult with their professor before making a purchase from this site.

Question: But can I cite the same sources you cite in the sample paper?
Our papers contain numerous references to books, articles, and other scholarly sources. Students often ask us if they may re-use/re-cite these sources in their own papers. Clearly, rules of citation differ from manual to manual but, in general, it is important to either cite our paper as THE source of the information OR to double-cite any particular article or book as having been originally referenced in the sample paper.  In other cases, you might want to use our bibliography from the TermPapersRus paper as a starting point. And by using it, you can then find some of the same sources on your own. If thatís how you use the sample paper, the sources themselves CAN be cited within your own paper. Just make sure that you develop your own original ideas or even paraphrased notions from within them. As always, check your style manuals or with your instructor to make the best choice.

Question: What if I donít like the paper?
It is important that you find out all you can about the paper you are interested in before you order it. Read the abstract carefully. If you still arenít certain it is the right paper, take advantage of our offer to send you a FREE excerpt from it. TermPapersRUs.com cannot authorize the cancellation of any order once its processed. Our sample papers are information, not tangible products. Ideas cannot be "returned." Be a "smart shopper" and learn all you can about any paper before you buy it.

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